Friday, August 12, 2011

"Fresh" Defined

Apologies for not posting in a while!  I have been cooking, farmers-marketing, and hanging with Henry.  Lots of inspiration has been coming my way for websites and services that I think would be really useful and successful and I've been focusing on those things a bit more than food lately.  This morning, however, I was "inspired" by what I saw when I pulled up to work.

I suspect that the word "fresh" in this instance means "not yet expired".  Being someone who learns best by example, I'd like to quickly go over what does and doesn't count as fresh food.

The tomatoes and bell pepper from my garden I used in yesterday's dinner.
The farmer's market watermelon slices I ate with breakfast.
Baby carrots in my lunchbox.

Gray Area:
Yogurt and cheese from the grocery store.
Packaged soy milk

Definitely Not Fresh:
Juice from concentrate
Frito's corn chips
Fruit snacks
Sticky buns
Everything in that truck

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