Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Colorful Plate

One of my favorite "I Love Lucy" episodes is the one where Lucy breaks the news to Ricky that she is pregnant by preparing a dinner including baby peas, baby corn, etc.  As I recall, it takes him a few comedy-filled minutes to get the point, but what a cute idea.  (Don't worry mom, that's not where this post is going!)  I was reminded of it when chopping my farmer's market finds this weekend for a pan of roasted vegetables.

My favorite stand at the market houses a friendly, self-titled "farmer dude" who never fails to throw a little something extra into my bag.  He was advertising baby beets and baby sweet potatoes this week, so that's what I got along with some of their super-fragrant garlic.

Sunday Dinner:  Porcini and Wild Rice Soup with Roasted Vegetables
The porcini and wild rice soup was inspired by  To this recipe, I added several stalks of celery and used three chopped carrots in the soup instead of grating one on top.

As I said, the roasted veggies came fresh from the farmer's market.  The deep oranges and purples of the dish evoked thoughts of Autumn, and Dan agreed that it tasted quite good.

1 bunch of baby sweet potatoes
1 bunch of baby beets
5 cloves of garlic (I would have used the whole bulb if I didn't need it for something else)
1 leek
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary (from the herb garden!)
1 lug of olive oil

Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into small chunks.  Cut the tops and bottoms off of the baby beets and slice them.  Peel and chop the garlic.  Chop the leek.  Pick the rosemary leaves from their stems.  Mix it all up in a casserole-style dish and drizzle with olive oil until glistening.  Salt and pepper if you wish.  Cover the dish with aluminum foil and cook at 375 for 45-60 minutes.  Check the dish periodically towards the end to see when the veggies get appropriately soft.

A Peaceful Plate Would Like to Recognize...
Lately, I've been giving one my co-workers - Gary, aka Garebear, aka Garie - a hard time about his particularly earth-toned diet.  I see him eat sandwiches often and drink a large can of Starbucks coffee energy drink most afternoons.  He came to work this past week with some fancy grape juice instead, made from wine grapes, and purportedly quite yummy. Way to go Gary!


  1. Katy (with a 'y'),

    Well done! Yes, after getting up in the morning and getting dressed in my (mostly) earth toned clothes, I have only a few minutes to prepare my earth toned sandwich while enjoying an earth toned cup of coffee. I jump into my earth toned vehicle and drive to work where I spend the day in the earth toned office, and enjoy my earth toned sandwich. After work I jump in my earth toned vehicle and head home to my earth toned house and live my earth toned life.

    The fancy schmancy wine grape beverages (and carrots...) are the brief respite from my decidedly earth toned life.

    Garie, aka Garebear

  2. This recipe is nutritious since it did not use meat, the potato is rich in carbohydrates that provides energy for the whole day.


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