Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Traveling Plate: Greece!

Dan and I recently returned from a trip to Greece.  We were there for two weeks and explored Athens, Santorini, and 5 or 6 other islands of the Cyclades via sailboat.  What better way to summarize any experience than with a list of superlatives!

Most Crowded Ancient Site: The Acropolis.  Not even a sweaty day and a big hill can keep the tourists out.

Favorite Greek word: My keyboard is missing the Greek letters, but phonetically the word for "ferry" looks like "feree mbot".  Say that five times fast and you've got "ferry boat".

Best Greek Beard:

Best Trip Photo: They love their sunsets in Santorini.  Folks start lining up at about 5:30 for a good view of the 7:30 sunset.  Dan and I were amused on our second night there when people actually applauded as the sun went down.  "Great job, Earth!  Keep on rotating!"

Best Random Experience: Docking on the island of Aegina during their third annual Pistachio Festival.  Pistachio liquor, pistachio bread, pistachio cookies, candied pistachios, and the famous King of the Pistachios Jug Race*!

*I actually have no idea what this race was called.

Favorite Greek Food (and the point of this post): Santorini "Fava".

I enjoyed the food in Greece very much.  Very good bread, very good fruit, very good lamb, and a reasonable selection of very good vegetarian dishes.  At most restaurants Dan could get a roasted tomato stuffed with seasoned rice which turned out to be quite delicious.  A yummy food local to Santorini is something called tomatokeftedes, which is a bit like a spiced and deep-fried veggie burger where the main ingredient is tomatoes rather than beans.  My very favorite thing, the thing we kept ordering again and again, was the fava.

There are no fava beans in Santorini "fava", rather there are yellow split peas.  It is served mainly as a starter and we found it to be delicious on bread - served with every. meal. - or shoveled into our mouths by the spoonful.  It was the first thing I wanted to make upon our return, and here is the accurate-tasting recipe we followed.  It is a simple but tasty addition to dinner.

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