Monday, October 3, 2011

A Beet-iful Plate

I had a really good experience with beets last week in a roasted veggie dish, so naturally I picked up a few more at the farmer's market over the weekend.  Reader be wary: not all beet dishes are made equal.

The beet-iful dish in question is Red Beet Fusilli.  I stuck to the recipe exactly, which I so rarely do, I was sure it would be delicious.  Here are a few things I liked about the idea of this dish:
  • It was in a Food and Wine Magazine.  Things published in magazines have to be good.
  • The red of the beets turns the pasta red also.
  • I had a giant bag of poppy seeds on hand and this seemed a good opportunity to put a dent in it.
  • It's different and, if successful, could add to our repertoire of dinners.
The Fun Part

Beet hands!
 Grating the beets was pretty fun, and a great arm workout!  As it turns out, raw beets have a bit of a red "Midas Touch".

The Verdict

The red beet fusilli was super colorful and fun to make.  It was a good use of my poppy seeds.  It was different.  I couldn't finish my bowl, but Dan was fine eating his.  We agreed the whole thing was about average, and although we may not try it again it was great to make something new.

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