Thursday, July 7, 2011

The NIBBLE Project: Week 1

The first week of NIBBLE has gone well.  I haven't had any treats at work other than what I bring in my own lunchbox although I think about getting some every day!  I guess that means I really needed to do this.

Tuesday was unusually stressful and was a really tough day NIBBLE-wise.  This week Dan and I had dog obedience school, there is a rehearsal dinner and wedding to attend tonight and tomorrow, training runs to complete for the Baltimore Marathon, my car needs to get serviced, and all that in between being gone for 8.5 hours every day to work.  With all that looming in front of me, I had a hard time staying away from the candy jar but thank goodness this blog holds me accountable.

I'm optimistic for Week 2!


  1. It's crazy how much there is to do in any given day in order to stay 'balanced' and on top of things! I want more vacation or less hours of work..

  2. I know! I have been contemplating going to part-time because it's so hard to squeeze everything in... so tired of feeling like I am always rushing around.


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